WHAT INSTRUMENT DO YOU TEACH ON? Regina’s Music Studio teaches on the best of the best instrument–a beautiful Hamburg Chippendale Mahogany Steinway M Grand Piano. Why settle for a studio that won’t invest in a high quality instrument? We believe that in order to produce the best results, we need the best instrument–and here it is, in our studio. You won’t find this piano anywhere else–it was specially imported from the Germany Steinway Factory for us, and its one-of-a-kind sound is unique and rings brilliantly on our hardwood floors. Created in 1910 and completed in 1923, this instrument tells a story on its own.

WHERE ARE WE? Regina’s Music Studio recently found its new home in South Pasadena, CA. We have been located conveniently on South Fair Oaks Avenue between Oak Street and Huntington Drive for about a year now, and we love the community and the families here! We are easily accessible off the 110 Freeway, and a few minutes away from the 10 and 710 Freeways as well. Our Studio is located on the second floor of the building and our parking lot can be accessed through the back entry on Hope Street.

WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT? Unlike other schools, our studio offers three (3) practice rooms, all equipped with grand pianos. With a homey atmosphere and free WiFi for you to keep up with your busy life, you can either keep your children company as they take their lessons with our trained and certified instructors, or relax in our waiting room.

HOW MUCH ARE LESSONS? Our Trial lesson is just $15, however, if you end up signing up for the semester, we waive this Trial lesson fee. Lessons during the semester start at $196 a month and we offer 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute lessons. Instructors usually recommend a certain lesson length after the initial Trial lesson depending on the students’ age and skill level. If a student joins Regina’s Music Studio during the course of a semester, we can offer a prorated rate for the remaining lessons I the semester.

We understand that some of our students have busy schedules and cannot commit to a whole semester at a time. In these cases we can offer a la carte lessons, which come in packages of 4 which start at $235.20


Luckily, Regina’s Music Studio offers lots of alternatives if you have to miss your lesson. You may either:

  1. Swap with another student’s lesson time. Just let the front desk know at least 48 hours ahead of time, and they’ll be happy to email parents on your behalf. (Good solution if there is a conflict with your schedule for any reason).
  2. Wait to see if another student cancellation occurs on the same week–if there is a cancellation, admin assistants will offer the slot to you (Good solution if no feasible swaps are possible.)
  3. Opt for a video lesson, where the student sends a video in ahead of time for instructor feedback (Great solution when you are away for vacation).
  4. Take a FaceTime/Skype lesson. Let the administrative assistants know 24 hours in advance, and we’ll arrange for your instructor to teach you over FaceTime or Skype! (Excellent solution if you cannot make it into the studio, or if the student is contagious but still able to play).

All of these options are easy, and designed to help you miss as few lessons as possible. Ask our team if you would like to utilize any of these options! As a disclaimer, canceled lessons cannot be made up, and no credit or refunds of any kind are given.

CAN I SWITCH MY LESSON TIME? Prior to the beginning of every semester, you have the opportunity to switch your permanent lesson time. We are happy to accommodate you, provided that the teacher and studio availability is open. Simply let an admin assistant know, and they’ll check your instructor’s availability. Simple as that!

For a one-time switch, see, “What if I have to miss my lesson?”

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