IMG_0821Here at Regina’s Music Studio, our mission is to teach students how to love and appreciate music of all kinds. We emphasize building a proper foundation right from the first lesson in order to help students become the finest musicians they can be.

In addition to classical music, students are also encouraged to explore other genres of music. Regina’s Music Studio takes an innovative approach, where it is perfectly acceptable to learn Beethoven’s Fur Elise at the same time as learning Let It Go from the popular Disney film Frozen.

Rhythm, note reading, and singing are all thoroughly covered, and both musical techniques and musical expression are introduced early on. In addition, good practicing habits are introduced and enforced early on so that students can develop and grow with the music that they learn and love to play. Students will be taught to count and clap rhythms, express dynamics, create musical sounds that speak through the piano, and wholeheartedly love and appreciate music.

Our goal is to make music as fun and exciting for everyone as possible! We make your time here well worth it.

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