About The Studio‚Äč

Radiant Music Studio is conveniently located near Fremont and Mission street in South Pasadena and has a comfortable lobby which includes guest wifi and air conditioning.

Our rooms are equipped with grand pianos (one 5′ Kawai grand piano, one 5′ 5″ Kawai grand piano, one 40″ Kawai upright piano, and a 7′ Baldwin concert grand piano.), pedal extenders (for our younger students), and a wide selection of repertoire.

Radiant Music Studio provides a creative music lesson environment where piano instruction is tailored to each individual student. Our student-focused approach moves beyond learning strictly from lesson books every week; we encourage students to find and develop their inner musical voice through solid fundamentals combined with exciting music ranging from classical, jazz, or popular music.

We hold two recitals a year (June and December) where students get to perform in front of their family, friends, and their fellow peers. Dress codes are enforced for these recitals, and any of our students our able to participate.

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